Commercial Services

-Empty all waste receptacles and remove thash.

-Take trash to dumpsters. Remove recycling as appropriate.

-Return trash containers neatly to the areas where they belong.

-Clean all internal glass partitions and entrance glass smudges and fingerprints removed.

-Damp wipe all high and low shelves surfaces and corners beyond the reach of normal dusting.

-Dust all picture frames. Dust all venitian blinds

-Vacuum all fabric furniture.

-Wipe down plastic and leather furniture.

-Vacuum and remove spots from all carpeted areas.

-Clean and polish all chrome chair and table bases.

-Damp mop all ceramic and tile floor areas.

-Buff and polish ceramic and tile floor areas.

-All kitchen counters tables and sinks cleaned with disinfectant.

-Refill paper towel dispensers.

-Clean janitor closet. Keep shelves clean and easily accessible.

-Turn off designated lights and lock doors and windows.

Residential Services

- Please call us for a list of our services